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As part of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan, the Laboratory of Integrated Brain Imaging aims to accelerate neuroscience and artificial intelligence by developing novel tools to integrate neural imaging, recording, stimulation, and modeling.

Positions available for Ph.D. students or postdoctoral fellows.
(09/01/21) The Lab received an NIH R01 award to study brain-stomach interactions.
(08/30/21) Amaya Murguia and Fatimah Alkaabi joined the lab as PhD students.
(08/25/21) The Lab received an NSF award to study predictive coding for both computer and human vision.
(08/13/21) Angela Yee joined the lab as an associate animal specialist. Welcome!
(08/05/21) Dr. Liu co-edited a special issue on Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering.
(07/21/21) Jung-Hoon published on NeuroImage about VAE for fMRI.
(07/19/21) The Lab released the code and model for VAE-based representation learning of fMRI data.
(07/11/21) Cherry reported about orientation selectivity of the nucleus tractus solitarius.
(07/01/21) Ashley Cornett joined the lab as the new lab manager. Welcome!
(06/25/21) Yizhen Zhang passed her final defense for PhD in electrical and computer engineering. Congratulations.
(06/23/21) Cherry Cao passed her final defense for PhD in biomedical engineering. Congratulations.
(06/05/21) The Lab is recruiting an animal specialist
(05/11/21) Yizhen published on Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering.
(05/10/21) Dr. Liu gave a talk about gut-brain interactions in the U-M BME Symposium.
(02/23/21) Dr. Liu gave a talk about brain and AI in the U-M fMRI symposium.
(02/10/21) Jung-Hoon Kim passed his final defense for PhD on representation learning of fMRI. Congratulations. 
(02/08/21) The Lab’s prior work on isolating 1/f-like neural activity featured by Quanta Magazine